Sold Secure Diamond Rating

Sold Secure Diamond Rating

When buying security for your motorbike, car or home it is always advised to look out for the Sold Secure badge. But what does the Sold Secure badge actually mean and why is it worth having?

In this blog we are going to discuss who Sold Secure are, what they do, and why the WAnchor ground anchor is the best in the market.

Sold Secure Diamond WAnchor ground anchor


Who are Sold Secure

Sold Secure are considered by UK security and insurance specialists as the leaders in British testing and certification of physical security products. Their parent company the Master Locksmith Association (MLA) also specialise in locksmith certification and has around 1400 members. 

Sold Secure work in tandem with the Home Office, police and insurers to set the industry standards for security product testing. 

What do Sold Secure do?

Sold Secure are considered the premier British testing and certification body who physically test to destruction security products ranging from bicycle products through to ground anchors. 

Sold Secure set out a number of testing criteria involving various tools over various times. If a product passes the agreed test it is then awarded that Sold Secure rating and is allowed to feature this on their product. It is then added to the insurance database for insurers to recognize it as a Sold Secure approved product. Table of testing below:

Sold Secure Rating:  Attack Method Used:
Bicycle Bronze 1 minute attack time; basic tools that can be easily concealed about the person, i.e., screwdriver, small hammer, junior hacksaw, etc.
Bicycle Silver
3-minute attack; enhanced tool list including small bolt croppers, full size hacksaw, stillsons, crowbar, etc.
Bicycle Gold / Motor Scooter Silver 5-minute attack with a higher tool list, including: TCT hacksaw, larger croppers, larger crowbars, lump hammer, etc.
Bicycle Diamond / Motorcycle & Motor Scooter Gold 5-minute attack with a much higher list including bolt croppers, machine-based crop test to ensure at least 7 tonnes of force is achieved, drill with HSS bits, etc. Does not include an attack with an angle grinder.
Motorcycle Diamond 5-minute attack, tool list includes TCT drill bits and a 90 second angle grinder.
Ground Anchors Diamond As motorcycle Diamond but with 1.5m builder’s bar and 5 minute angle grinder attack.


The Sold Secure ratings, as you can see above, can be a little confusing. The Silver rating across categories is not consistent so do make sure you do your research when selecting the right security.

Testing our WAnchor Ground Anchor

As you can see from the above Sold Secure testing criteria the Ground Anchor category is the toughest of all Sold Secure tests. This is because it involves a 5 minute grinder attack as well as a separate 1.5m builders bar attack.

We are incredibly proud to have been the first security company to achieve the Diamond Ground Anchor rating for our service mounted WAnchor ground anchor. The only Diamond rated ground anchor which does not require a great big crate to be dug for the ground anchor to be sunk into.

During our own in house testing of the WAnchor ground anchor we actually far surpassed the Sold Secure testing. We attacked the WAnchor for a total of 30 minutes with an angle grinder (combination of mains and battery powered - battery wasn't powerful enough). In the process we destroyed 3 grinding disks and 2 batteries on the portable grinder before switching to the mains powered grinder. 

WAnchor after a 30 minute grinder attack

We also completed a 6 minute wrecking bar attack on the WAnchor. After 5 minutes of a single wrecking bar attack we decided to add a second wrecking bar to the equation and in doing so managed to pull a crater out of the work shop floor. It is important to note here that the fixings did not fail, but actually the concrete flooring did.

WAnchor wrecking bar attack test

All of us here at hate the thieving little scum bags that go around stealing bikes for something to do on a Friday night and this is why we carry the mantra of 'think like a thief'. We develop and manufacture the very best in motorbike security in order for you to stop the bastards from stealing your pride and joy.

If you ever have any questions on Sold Secure or on any of our products then please get in touch.

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